Selfie Ring Light

TZS 16,000

1. Powerful and moderate lamp beads for more professional selfie soft fill light. 2. The mid-color control lamp bead design simulates the principle of natural light-sensitive line fill light, making night selfies look more natural, making selfies more outstanding and beautiful 3. The new clip design has a non-slip mat with full contact surface to prevent it from falling off and can be clipped to any place such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and cameras 4. Three-level lighting (strong, medium, and weak) is adjustable. Press the power button to adjust the intensity of the light in various environments to fill light. 5. It can make up for the Selfie function defect of various old models of smart phones without front fill light, making the Selfie look more perfect. 6. At the same time, it can be used as an emergency lamp/emergency flashlight/tablet computer and other light supplement equipment. It has a built-in high-capacity battery and can be used for continuous light Selfie shooting..

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