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BUBBLE C BENEFITS LOADED WITH VITAMIN C Helps increase the body’s natural collagen production which enhances skin complexion and protects hair from damage. Aids in better iron and nutrient absorption by the body. Regenerates anti-oxidant like Vitamin E thus preventing cancer and heart disease. FORTIFIED WITH CALCIUM Energizes the body by boosting metabolism to aid in slimming. Helps in forming bones, teeth, and muscles, and also in repairing blood vessels and connective tissues. MADE FROM REAL ORANGES Bubble c is made from natural spray-dried orange juice concentrate, effectively boosting the immune system to fight colds and infection. ENHANCED NATURAL COLOURING The orange colour of bubble c is enhanced with natural colouring from carotene, the pigment that gives carrots its bright orange colour. SAFE-FOR-ALL SWEETENER Sweetened by natural fructose which does not raise blood sugar levels. Safe for those with diabetes..

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