LANBENA Acne Scar Mark Removal Cream Anti-inflammatory Repairing Gel Skin Care Treatment

TZS 26,750

100% Brand New and High quality Portable size, easy to carry Use the advanced scar and mark removal and repairing technology, choose asiaticoside, heparin, allanyoin, carbomer and other raw materials for processing It\'s easy to penetrate the cortex, soften the scar tissue, promote the skin\'s natural renewal and healing, quickly heal the scars, regulate the oil secretion of the skin, prevent the redness and swlling caused by the sun as well as scar inflammation and hardening, and shorten the scabbing time Besides, it also has the anti-flammatory, bacteria elimination, beauty and skin nourishing, scar and acne mark removal, and makes the skin smooth, soft, beauttiful and texture Effects: Ance pits, acne scars, insect bite marks, scraping marks and other life marks, effectively remove burn scars,surgical scars and other scars affecting the appearance Suitable for all kinds of skin Specifications: Net Content: 30g Size: Shown as picture Shelf Life: 3 years.

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